12W 18W 24W 36W 50W LED Ceiling Light Surface Mount Kitchen Bathoom Lamp Fixture

12W 18W 24W 36W 50W LED Ceiling Light Surface Mount Kitchen Bathoom Lamp Fixture

12W 18W 24W 36W 50W LED Ceiling Light Surface Mount Kitchen Bathoom Lamp Fixture

12W 18W 24W 36W 50W LED Ceiling Light Surface Mount Kitchen Bathoom Lamp Fixture. Aluminum casting lamp body, good heat dissipation material. LED ceiling light, using the most advanced structure, easy to install. CE, Rohs certification, 100% new brand, high color rendering index, long life 30,000 hours.

Green, no mercury, soft and even light, safe for the eyes. These LED downlights use the latest components to produce ultra-efficient accessories that replace traditional luminaires. Modern LED ceiling lamps are suitable for flat lighting in wall or ceiling installations. Suitable for kitchen, hallway, guest room, living room, bedroom. Function: The light-emitting area of the lamp is large, easy to install, dustproof/moisture-proof/drop-proof, ultra-thin and beautiful, and can be used as a ceiling/downlight/wall lamp. Suitable for office, supermarket, shop, school, hotel, etc.

Also widely used for public areas, such as stairway, lobby, reception, corridors etc. Switch off before installation and do not touch when in use. Switch on only after complete installation and examination of the circuit. Keep away from hot steam and corrosive gas. The size of the light in the picture is only display, please be the actual size.

Style A (12W 18W 24W 36W 50W). Healthy eye protection for stylish home lighting Simple, create a unique world Product parameters: Material: Shell: wrought iron; Shade: Acrylic Switch type: stepless dimming with remote control, monochrome switch external switch Dimensions approx. : Diameter: 340mm / 13.39in(18W) 440mm / 17.32in(24W) 520mm / 20.47 in(36W) Shape: round Power: 18w, 24w, 36w Installation method: lever / ceiling type Color temperature: warm light / white light / stepless dimming Colour: Black Packing: foam carton Scope of application: home, living room, exhibition, hall, balcony, clothing store.

When cleaning the lamp, do not rotate the lamp body to avoid loose screws and cause unsafe accidents. At the same time, check the robustness of the connecting parts. If it is loose, it should be tightened smoothly.

If there is a danger of the gear slipping, replace it immediately. Always turn off the power while cleaning. Wipe as much as possible with a dry cloth; non-metallic lamps can be wiped with a damp cloth; be careful to keep moisture and rust. Read the assembly drawings carefully before installing and using the lamp. Please keep it for future use after use.

In order to ensure the quality and safety of the lamp, please use professional operation during the installation process. The power supply used should not exceed the specified range (rated voltage AC85-265v frequency 50HZ).

Prolonged use above the rated voltage range may damage the lamp due to overheating. Check that the cables and plugs are intact before use and that the local voltage matches the rated voltage of the lamp. Please cut off the power before installation. Do not install the lamp on a hot object or install it directly above the stove, gas and exhaust pipe, otherwise the lamp will be damaged. Do not use it in parallel with the dimmer to avoid malfunction.

If the indicator does not light after the power is turned on, please confirm that the lamp is in good condition and the contact is in a bad state. Please clean and check the lamp regularly. When cleaning, first cut off the power and wipe the surface with a soft dry cloth, but do not use acidic chemical solvents or alkaline chemical solvents, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the surface of the bulb.

In use: When the two ends of the bulb are red, the bulb is black or has a black shadow. If the bulb does not light, the bulb should be replaced in time. Note: You cannot switch frequently. Special warning: Chandeliers and ceiling lights: During the operation of a luminaire weighing more than 5 kg, after loading the nail plate and fixing screws, the force exceeding four times the weight of the luminaire must be carefully checked and tested. After passing, the bulb can be installed to prevent potential safety hazards.

If your ceiling is not a concrete slab, but a wooden ceiling, make sure the wooden ceiling is load-bearing (can withstand the weight of the entire bulb). Wooden ceilings have reduced load carrying capacity in wet conditions and have a safety hazard (the weight of the solid wood ceiling changes slightly under wet conditions). When the capacity of the wooden ceiling is not sufficient, it is recommended to use an expansion screw to fix it on the direct force of the cement board. (When installing, the installer can connect with accessories that meet important requirements, such as: iron chain, wire, wire, iron pipe).

It needs to be tested before installation. After the test result is 0K, it can be installed on the ceiling. Please read the above text and icons carefully and follow the installation instructions carefully!

Installation steps: Note: LEDs are electrostatically sensitive sources. Care should be taken to avoid touching the LED light source with your hands or foreign objects to avoid damaging the LED light source! Style B (18W 24W 36W 50W). Feature: It is a round LED ceiling light, is ETL certified to ensure no electric shock and no fire hazard, made of plastic, with 18W/24W/36W/48W LED power optional, long service life up to 20000 hours, no glare, heat dissipation, energy saving, easy to install, can be used in living room, bedroom, restaurant, hotel, bar, etc.

Introduction: The LED ceiling light fastest and easiest fixture in the world to mount. Designed to simply screw into most existing lamp holders. It can be installed in any keyless light socket, UL rated and approved for both damp and dry locations. The ceiling light can directly Replace an existing light bulb currently in an exposed lamp holder.

This led ceiling light is greatly suitable for bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, garage, office, basement, and many other places where you need a bright round ceiling light. An unpaid case will be filled after 4 days. We promise to offer the lowest price and high quality produce. We appreciate your business and look forward to growing our e-Bay sales with satisfied customers.

If you dissatisfied for any reason, Please don't leave negative/neutral feedback at once. Your satisfaction is our top goal, we appreciate your business.

12W 18W 24W 36W 50W LED Ceiling Light Surface Mount Kitchen Bathoom Lamp Fixture

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